Team KB is an army of exuberant individuals who work hard and play the best.

Whether in the gym or in a social setting our energy is contagious. We make sacrifices & hold ourself accountable in order to achieve our fitness goals. We stand for self-confidence , body appreciation and teamwork.

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SQUATWORKS will consist of HIIT cardio , strength training & plyometrics workouts to help shed fat too. #Squatworks is consist of 12 different hand-crafted creative workouts by @KBTheTrainer. With each week the intensity heightens. If you want build mass then you will need to add some resistance to your training. Last but not least, you’re eating is the main role. Whether you’re looking to lose or gain, stick to your plan.
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SquatWorks is a fun innovative 4-week home workout program that focuses on your core and glutes.

Download @TeamKBApp Available for iOS and Droid Users. You have 30 days to access the plan. Please take your before pics (front, back & side). #TeamKBvsEverybody
  • See your workout plan with detailed instructions and videos.
  • Get support from amazing coach and fitness enthusiast that will help you reach your goals faster.
  • Track every workout. Get inspired by seeing your progress.
  • Learn something new everyday.

KB Bands

The KB Band is designed to intensify to your workout 10x more! It will increase your mobility, build muscle and of course it will ripe your peach! You can use your bands for squats, deadlifts, lunges, abduction, kickbacks & hip thrust many more workouts.

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