(home workout & gym friendly)

SQUATWORKS will consist of HIIT cardio , strength training & plyometrics workouts to help shed fat too. #Squatworks is consist of 12 different hand-crafted creative workouts by @KBTheTrainer. With each week the intensity heightens. If you want build mass then you will need to add some resistance to your training. Last but not least, you’re eating is the main role. Whether you’re looking to lose or gain, stick to your plan.

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SquatWorks SV2
(*gym required)

Welcome ladies, this program is all about getting snatched & plumped ! If you’re afraid to lift then you shouldn’t purchase the item lol. On a serious note, this program is specifically designed for women are who looking to tone, and build a shapely figure. In plain terms, “A smaller waist & bigger butt” is the goal for you. I know! Lol To kill the elephant in the room , weights won’t make you bulky. They enhance your curves and make you more lean along with the right diet. Heavy weights will give you the mass you’re looking for. Overall weight lifting will actually help build muscle and cardio helps you burn fat. When I train my clients I like to give throw different jabs at them to confuse their mind & body. As you will see in Squatworks 2 , I will challenge to do what you think is currently impossible. This program will consist 12 weight lifting workouts. The workouts will be a mixture of progressive overload training & HIIT (High intensity interval training). Enjoy, your #BodyByKB is on the way !

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Group Training

(Group Training) You can join the clients I already have. Group packaged sessions OR you can pay per session. Contact for pricing .

*Each session is an hour.

*Personal training is 2x week.

*Sessions are scheduled weekly. (Sundays)

*Package sessions must be used within 5 weeks. 

*Only 1 make- up session is allowed during your cycle .

*Per session clients must pay in advance to confirm their spot.

*Per session clients must used their sessions within that week or defaulted.