About TeamKB

The squad is an army of exuberant individuals who work hard and play the best! Whether in the gym or in a social setting our energy is contagious. We make sacrifices & hold ourself accountable in order to achieve our fitness goals. We stand for self-confidence , body appreciation and teamwork. #TeamKBVsEverybody !


The Experience with KB

Personal training is really personal for me. Which means the vibe & energy has to be right! I joke a lot but at the same time I will push you beyond your limits every session.

What’s a TeamKB session is like ?
•It’s definitely fun and spontaneous.
•The energy is the biggest thing.
•Our culture is teamwork & pure motivation. Anything against that is unacceptable.
•Jokes (by me) are endless lol.
•You might think you’re dying but it’s just the 1st set.
• A Lot of Squats!
• Come mad, leave happy.
• Being accountable for any unsatisfying behavior from your stories/snaps. 
• Post workout selfies & angles. 
• New clothes every month due to #BodyByKB.
• Mini therapy sessions before/post workout. 
• Best tunes to workout with 

That’s pretty much sums it up! 

Kaleb "KbTheTrainer" Lewis

Owner of EverybodyFitB LLC

KB makes the best of his “24” without a doubt. He’s a full blown entrepreneur who’s not slowing down anytime soon. Growing up with limited resources made him want to pursue everything in reach. He runs his own personal training business. Kaleb is also a real estate agent, model, actor and the founder of a local community organization, #FeedingTheCity.

He’s the man of the many hats but only wears the ones that fit him well. A sole believer of keeping God first & staying true. With great achievement also comes great responsibility too. As a young mogul KB understands he’s a leader and public figure of the community.

The most exciting part is that you don’t know what he’s going to do next. If you follow him on social media he could be training his clients, talking to the youth at school, showing condos, booking photo shoots or turning up with his bros all in one day. He truly inspires people to do more than what’s given or expected. Having fun is his business, doing business is his fun!


The company, EverybodyFitB LLC

#EverybodyFitB is the official umbrella for sport brands who believe in togetherness in order to achieve your athletic & fitness. You can be a greater force in your community with more numbers by your side. We see sports and fitness as majors outlook for people today. Whether you’re competing or leisure activity fitness will lead to grow physically & socially. The ultimate goal is to have EverybodyFitB!